The Consultant

Do you want to get super-creative and be your own florist?

This is the perfect offering for those looking to create their own day. Philipa will guide you and give you some amazing floristry tips.  This option is for those who are looking for floral advice and plan to make their own floral arrangements DIY. You could always do with some professional help to ensure everything goes smoothly though!

You receive: one face-to-face consultation and then either 3 x 1 hour Skype sessions = £190 or individual Skype sessions 1 hour = £80.


Perfect if you are looking to:

  • Learn more about floristry - are you creative, keen and on a budget? This is for you. Philipa helps you learn about every aspect of wedding flowers from trips to the flower market to talking with traders, conditioning and arranging!

  • Tips on the colour wheel - advice on which palettes go together and what will be easiest on the eye.

  • Key knowledge, Philipa will also discuss which flowers are the best in season and how to help them last.  She will also provide tips on how to arrange and blend flowers.

This isn't for you if you are looking for:

  • Full floral training. Philipa is a great help and will provide as many tips as possible but floristry is a difficult art so if you are a true beginner you must remember that this is a consultation not a training course.

  • A professional to organise all the floral parts of your wedding.