Philipa studied Fine Art at Lancaster University, before aspiring to abstract art for a brief time.  She soon realised her love for flowers which led her to retrain and start her own business as an independent florist.

As a former abstract painter, Philipa’s style is inspired by her love for colour and composition.  For her, the apogee of this can be found in an English garden, which inspires much of her work. 

Her designs harness a close eye for detail, a respect for the natural world and an appreciation of the aesthetic.  From a studio space on the border of Essex and East London, she provides exquisite flowers for weddings, events, homes and businesses across the UK. 

In homage to all things sustainable, Philipa has begun to grow her own blooms.  Her cutting garden is used in tandem with seasonal flowers sourced from England’s best flower markets and local growers.  In each design you can feel her love affair with nature, the flowers provided have often been tended to, hand-grown, and handpicked just for you.