Bespoke Weddings and Events

The bespoke wedding and event package applies when the spend is £1500 and more.  Please see Tcs and Cs below.

Philipa Day will offer a complementary face-to-face consultation in order to discuss your requirements: scale, design, product and colour. The location is mutually agreed upon and we aim to be as flexible as possible.  However, upon occasion Philipa Day reserves the right to set a suitable location.  In the unusual event that a face-to-face meeting is not possible, consultations may be conducted via phone or email.

Following the consultation, Philipa will provide a detailed quote sent within an agreed timeframe, ordinarily no more than five working days.  The quotation is valid for 14 days from date of issue.

In order to complete your booking we require:

    1. An email response to the quote confirming agreement sent to hello@philipaday.com within 14 days of quote being issued.

    2. A 20% non-refundable deposit of the total wedding/event cost paid within 48 hours of email confirmation.

      1. In the event that Philipa Day does not receive email confirmation within 14 days, and 20% deposit within 48 hours of email confirmation (as above), Philipa Day reserves the right to void the quote and the booking may be lost.

      2. Alterations to the booking may be made if agreed by Philipa Day.  This will be on a case by case basis and only apply for additional products/services to the initial quote.  Any additional products/services agreed to, and charged for, require payment in full either within 48 hours, or 6 weeks before wedding - Philipa reserves the right to decide.

The remaining balance must be paid 6 weeks prior to the event date.  In the unusual event that a client approaches Philipa Day for a quote for a wedding/event happening in less than 6 weeks, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total cost is required to confirm booking. In this instance, full payment is necessary at least 7 days before the event, or otherwise at Philipa’s discretion.

      1. Philipa Day reserves the right to refuse changes to the initial quote once the 20% deposit has been paid.  In the event that a particular flower is unavailable, Philipa Day reserves the right to adapt the design specification according to availability and market conditions.  As part of our process, we always remain committed to providing products/services which match as closely as possible the agreed quote with our clients.  Our duty is to source flowers and foliage we have agreed.  In the unusual event that this is not possible, Philipa Day will replace them with the closest alternative or best available substitute.

  1. Wedding and event flowers are best catered at their freshest.  Philipa Day ordinarily installs flowers on the same day that an event takes place.  If a client wishes for installation to take place early, Philipa will provide this and endeavour to keep the products as fresh as possible.  Although our event flowers usually have a long life, if Philipa has installed designs more than 12 hours before the event we do not accept responsibility for any changes to the product’s condition.

  1. Philipa Day is proud to offer a varied array of vases, vessels and equipment to clients to help build their atmosphere.  If the client would like to hire equipment, there will be an additional cost and deposit.

    1. The deposit will be a minimum of £50 but may vary according to the volume of equipment hired.  Philipa Day reserves the right to set the deadline for deposit.  The deposit will be repaid to the client in full within seven days of takedown providing the hired equipment is returned in the same condition.

    2. Between installation and takedown hired equipment is the responsibility of the client.  It should stay in the location it is installed at, and may not be removed without prior permission from Philipa Day.  Any damage or loss of hired equipment will be chargeable at a price determined by Philipa.  If you require further information on this cost, please contact Philipa before hire.  No separate installation/takedown cost will be added to the  client’s initial quote for use of vases/equipment.

    3. Philipa Day is not responsible for any damages/injuries sustained as a result of hired equipment.  We will always install with safety in mind and give clients our best advice.


  1. Delivery times are agreed by Philipa Day on a case-by-case basis.  Orders need to be made at least 24 hours before delivery.  We will endeavour to deliver at a time of your choosing, but on occasions, will reserve the right to set a delivery time.  We do our utmost to stick to this, but if due to extenuating circumstances, delivery is not possible at the allotted time, Philipa Day reserves the right to refuse a refund.

Orders less than £1500

We reserve the right to require full payment up front for all orders less than £1500.  Points (a), (b) and (i) and (ii) may be offered rather than full up front payment at Philipa’s discretion.